SUMMER 2016/17

Summer Competition Information Package
Monday Nights

31st October 2016 – 20th March 2017


Thank you for taking an interest in the Sydney University Touch Competition. All information that you will require to enter your team is included in this package. Please be sure to meet all deadlines, as there is a limit of 24 teams that we can accept into the competition. The first teams to meet all criteria will be given priority.

All competitions conducted by Sydney University Touch Club are done so under the auspices of Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness, Varsity Touch Association, New South Wales Touch Association and Touch Football Australia.

Important Dates

  • Payments must be made by Friday 21st October 2016
  • The first round of competition will commence on Monday 31st  October 2016

Rules & Local Variations

All matches will be played under the current Touch Football Australia rules - that is the 7th Edition Rules. A copy of the rule book can be downloaded from this page.

The following variations (indicated in blue) will apply for this competition only:

Rule 4.7: Competition Points

  1. Points are awarded in competition matches as follows:

WIN 4pts
BYE 4pts
DRAW 2pts
LOSS 0pts

  1. Any team that forfeits on more than two occasions within the season will be ineligible to participate in the finals series.
  2. A second forfeit will result in a $50 fine to the forfeiting fine. This must be paid before the team plays its next game.

Competition Details

  • The competition will be conducted at two neighbouring venues. Your team may be scheduled to play games at either of:
    • Jubilee Oval, Glebe
    • Federal Reserve, Glebe

These venues are next to each other, and will be controlled with one Administration area based at Jubilee Oval.

  • All games are played on Monday nights.
  • Games will be played between 6:30pm and 9pm – Timeslots will be organised according to Divisions, except for super series which will run across all 3 timeslots.
  • Games will consist of two eighteen minute halves, with a three minute Half Time
  • All divisions are Mixed - A minimum of 4 females must be registered in each team.
  • All matches will be played with a maximum of 6 players on the field at any time. As per TFA Rules, you may only have a maximum of 3 males on the field at any time in a Mixed competition. Interchanges are unlimited and at the discretion of the team.
  • The draw will be made available via the Internet from the club website at
    • The team entry fee for the Summer competition is $1150.
    • Teams must have a minimum of 10 registered players.
    • Teams must have a playing uniform – all players must wear identical shirts with numbers either on the back or both sleeves.
      • The club can organise shirts for your team – if you want numbered playing shirts, then please include an additional $250 with your nomination.
  • Teams must have at least four (4) players on the field ready to commence at the start of the designated time slot. After five (5) minutes if the game has not commenced, then the match will be declared a forfeit to the non-offending side - the result will be recorded as 5-0 against the offending team. If the game commences within this five (5) minute period, then the offending team will be penalised one (1) touchdown for each minute that the match is delayed.
  • Please ensure that your team is at the field and ready to play 5 minutes before the scheduled commencement time. It is important that matches begin on time so that the later timeslots are not affected by earlier delays.
    • Team nominations are to be done online. The link will be available from our website
      • Any team that has not paid by the due date will be removed from the competition and their spot reopened.
      • Spots are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
      • Cash will not be accepted - you may only pay by EFT
      • Team payments must be made In Full by the 21st of September 2016.

Entry Fee

Match Times

Nomination Process


Paying By EFT

  • When paying electronically, you will need the following details:
    • Account Name: Sydney Uni Sport Trust
      BSB Number: 082 057
      Account Number: 552924260


  • When entering text into the comment field, please be sure to put “TOUCH” followed by your “TEAM NAME” so that we can track the payment. Entering ‘Touch’ is essential otherwise the payment might not be sent to the touch account.
    • All teams must play in identical playing shirts. If required the club can organise numbered shirts for $250. If you want shirts provided, you must include the extra $250 with your nomination fee.
      • The club will provide a set of playing bibs for loan in the event that 2 teams have the same colour shirts.
      • All players must wear appropriate footwear. Boots are permitted provided that they have a soft moulded sole (no screw-ins cleats), and the cleat length is no more than 12mm. They must also wear socks. Any player not complying will not be permitted to take the field.
        • Playing barefoot is not permissible under any circumstance.
      • Players must not wear any jewellery whilst playing for the safety of themselves and others.




Playing Uniforms

Organiser Duties

  1. Attend any nominated meetings.
  2. Submit player registration details electronically before the start of the season.
  3. Ensure that payments are made on time.
  4. Check notices and listen when announcements are made.
  5. Ensure players are in correct uniform, and that the registration sheet is ticked prior to your match each week.
  6. Ensure that you know the rules, and that you and your team abide by them.

Duty Referees

  • In order to ensure that we always have enough referees available, teams may be rostered on for a refereeing duty throughout the competition.
  • If your team is rostered for duty, then a team representative should come and see the referee coordinator at least 5 minutes before the game they are rostered to be on duty.
  • Team delegates must complete a sheet indicating which players are taking part in the match each week. Please ensure that correct numbers are recorded alongside each player’s name.
  • It is the delegate’s responsibility to ensure that this is completed. If the form is not handed in then your team mates may not be covered by insurance.
  • If an unregistered player takes the field, then the match will be declared a forfeit and no points will be awarded to the offending team.
  • Captains must sign the card at the end of the match to indicate that they agree with the score for the match. If you do not agree with the score, do not sign the card. In the event of a dispute, the Competition Manager will discuss the matter with the referee and captains before making a ruling.
  • Each team must supply a Touch ball to use for their game. If the captains of the teams can not come to a clear decision on which ball to use, then the referee shall decide.
  • Each team that has paid in full will be provided with a Touch ball.
  • If a team wants to purchase more Touch balls, you may order them from the committee for $25 each. Rule books may also be ordered, or downloaded from the web.



Wet Weather

In the event of inclement weather, a decision will be made on if games are to go ahead by 4pm on the day. Players should be encouraged to check the status of play by accessing the club website at Our facebook page will also be updated.

Generally the only reason we will not play games will be if the grounds have been closed by the City of Sydney Council. Rain before or during games will not usually result in games being called off.

In the rare event that there is an electrical storm in the area, a late decision to cancel games in the interest of safety may be made at the Competition Manager's discretion. Team delegates will be contacted by telephone where possible in this instance.

Enquiries and/or Complaints

  • If you have an enquiry, please see the night coordinator - all problems can be resolved if they are approached in a rational and calm manner.
  • Abusive or foul language will not be tolerated.
  • All complaints should be directed in writing to the Competition Organiser, Nathan Richardson (

Assistance and/or Ideas

If you or your team have any ideas for improving the competition please discuss them with the committee. We are always seeking new ideas so don't hesitate to tell us your thoughts.

Where We Play

Jubilee Oval and Federal Reserve, Glebe.