General Questions
What is Sydney University Touch Club?

Sydney University Touch was founded in 2001 after dissolving the Men's & Women's University Touch clubs. The new merged club was formed and has been in existence since.

What does Sydney University Touch do?
Do I need to be a member to participate?

To play in our competition or representative teams no membership is required. You will just need to pay the team entry fee to participate.

If you wish to represent us at a University Games event then club membership is free, however you will need to be a member of Sydney University Sport & Fitness. This is a cost of $55 and you can sign up here.

Do you have any learn to play days?

No, for people interested in learning to play, we suggest you sign up for our competition.

Social Competition

We currently run a mixed only social competition on Monday nights. We run a summer comp (October-February) and a winter competition (March-August).

Where do you play?

We currently play at Jubilee Oval in Glebe. A map showing how to get there from Sydney Uni is here.

Jubilee Oval

When do you play?

Monday nights only from 6-9pm with various timeslots.

How do I enter a Team?

If you have a full team wishing to play then follow links from our home page. Sign up for our seasons usually occurs in February & September.

I want to sign up as an individual

Whilst we cant guarantee you a team to play in, we can assist you in one of two ways is you what to play but dont have a team. Students can sign up during university 0-Week and will be placed into a team that participates in our winter student comp. You will need to be present during O-Week to sign up this way.

Alternatively you can sign up online in our Player Pool. From this teams can email you should they require extra players. Alternatively player pool members may wish to contact others to create a new team.

What Insurance do I have in the competition?

Our competitions are affiliated with NSW touch association and Touch Football Australia. Insurance is provided through Sportscover for financial participants in our competition.

If you need to make a claim following an injury download the claim for from the Monday night summer or Monday night winter page.

If you don't have any space then what other comps can I play?

Other competitions close by include Balmain, Canterbury or Easts. Alternatively visit NSW Touch Association for a full list of clubs in Sydney.

Representative teams
What are University Games?

Simply, the best week of your life. It's a week long party with some sport during the day. The East Coast Challenge occurs during the July semester break and Australian University Games occurs during September/October mid-semester break.

How do I join the teams?

We hold trials each year for all students. Trial dates are normally in April and September but are always posted on our website.

I want to play Inter-Faculty Touch?

Contact you faculty representative or Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness for info about joining these teams.

I want to play Representative Touch

Varsity Touch Association is a combined team with students from UTS, Macquarie Uni and Sydney Uni. We enter team into Vawdon Cup with trials taking place in April/May and also State Cup with trials in October. Vawdon cup runs from August-November each Friday night across various venues in Sydney. State Cup occurs on the first weekend of December and is held in Port Macquarie.

Contact Information

For further information please email us